Hat Patterns for Sewing

Hat patterns for sewing can be whipped up in minutes flat, and that’s what I love most about them! I enjoy knitting and crocheting as much as the next person, but there’s nothing like sitting in front of the sewing machine with some colorful fleece remnants and holding an adorable finished hat minutes later.

Sewing is fast. Even the most complex hat pattern for sewing (as opposed to knitting or crocheting) still isn’t going to take longer than perhaps half an hour to make. And they don’t take much fabric, either. Save fleece scraps from other sewing projects or poke around in the remnant bin at the fabric store and you’ll find plenty of treasures to make adorable fleece hats.

Hat Patterns for Sewing FUN

hat patterns for sewing

Call me silly, but I love fun hats. Bright eyed pandas, teddy bears in every teddy color, white kitten hat, grey kitten hats. And snowmen hats. Snowman hats with bright colorful scarves and crookedy carrot noses. I can sew a dozen of these before I’d finish knitting just one.

And they’re cute, you know?! It’s so adorable to see a red nosed little one bouncing down the sidewalk or mall with little jester tassels or pompoms bouncing along keeping time. And it’s sure not hard to spot your child among a crowd when there’s a little carrot nose peeking from a little snowman hat.

People of all ages love fun hats, and they’re fun to make, too. No sitting for hours with knitting needles! The other day we were filling up the car with gas and I grinned because the girl filling up in front of us was wearing an adorable grey kitten hat while filling up her car. She looked about my daughter’s age – probably late twenties.

Hat Patterns for Sewing FAST!

hat patterns for sewing

And if fast is what you’re after? Some of the most adorable hat patterns for sewing are really fast to make. One seam or two, and you’re done.

Adorable one seam tassel hats that make adorable baby hats, toddlers’ and childrens hats. Really fast two seam hats for men and adults. So you can sew up a pile of hats for the whole family, or for kids who lose them as fast as you make them, for your grand-kids, or even to donate to charity.

Hat Patterns for Sewing Collection…

All of the hat patterns for sewing shown above are from my “easy hat patterns” collection. There’s 20 patterns in total, and they’re all super easy to make. The instructions are easy enough for novice sewers and experienced sewers will enjoy making even more variety using the suggestions for alternate hat patterns.

hat patterns for sewing fun

Knitting is nice… crocheting is cool… but hat patterns for sewing are fast – and fun!