Beginner Hat Pattern

beginner hat patternsIf you’re looking for a beginner hat pattern, it doesn’t get much easier than these three cuties – and they’re sewn with just 2-3 seams each.

On page 27, you’ll find the super simple flat hat. It’s made with one piece of fleece and two seams. Three if you prefer to make 2 side seams instead of one back seam. Making a fleece hat doesn’t get much easier.

The tassel hat, on page 17, is a seam and a deep hem that flips up into a cuff – topped by adorable tassels that you snip with scissors.

Even the Santa hat is incredibly simple – just a back seam and white fleece cuff.

These beginner hat patterns are easy enough for new sewers – or even for children to make if you’re teaching your child to sew.

If you don’t mind the extra work of piecing together different colored pieces (with full instructions) you’ll also enjoy the reversible hat on page 28, the flat hat kat on page 30, the four panel tassel top on page 21 and the crazy long fleece hat on page 35.

Experienced sewers will love how quickly these patterns are stitched together. I can stitch a few in an hour, which makes them perfect for gifts, craft sales, donating to shelters for the winter or to delight your kids or grandchildren.